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Animation in Metro Studio: Stop Motion

July 24, 2017
Comercial: Cortinilla

In this piece for Sal de Frutas Lua you´ll find animation techniques such as stop motion, used to achieve moving effects in still pictures creating a story in which foods rapidly dissapears from their plates until they are left empty, as they would after a good meal.

The star of this commercial is the food, so for this project the food styling direction was essential, as the goal was to have appetising and provocative food visuals that combine perfectly with the Sal de Frutas Lua y Sal de Frutas Lua - G  products.

One of the key factors for the success of this production was teamwork, under the lense of Giovanni Granada, our director, and the work done through the shooting and post-production stages, we managed to create a commercial with stop motion animation effects that stregthen the message and story, becoming our first Metro Studio Films production done under this technique.