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Vita C + Zinc MK

Arriésgate a vivir

  • Director : Giovanni Granada
  • Client : Tecnoquímicas
  • Field Producer : Hangar Ecuador
  • Executive Producer : Andrés Ruiz
  • Director of Photography : Giovanni Granada
  • Art Director : Lorena Márquez
  • Music : Pablo Correa
  • Sound : Milton Gutierrez
  • Agency : Sancho BBDO
  • Editor : Carlos Aparicio
  • Effects : Metro Studio - Oscar Barrera/William Hooker


Did you know Metro Studio also work in other countries like Ecuador?
That´s right, our director Giovanni Granada and his team were in Ecuador shooting the latest campaign for VITA C + ZINC MK, a spot full of energy to enjoy life to the fullest!
From the desert to your living room, we go wherever we need to make every idea posible, enjoying every step of the way.