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Biocalcium Plus

Iron Woman

  • Director : Giovanni Granada
  • Client : Tecnoquímicas
  • Field Producer : Jorge Babativa
  • Executive Producer : João Cruz
  • Director of Photography : Giovanni Granada
  • Music : Pablo Correa
  • Sound : Milton Gutiérrez
  • Creative : Sancho BBDO
  • Effects : Metro Studio Films - Oscar Barrera, William Hooker, Winston Maquillón


This interesting commercial presents three women in their everyday activities, and with Biocalcium Plus Mk they keep their bones strong and protected, showing they are real iron women.


  • Backstage -Biocalcium Plus Iron Woman

    The commercial central theme is to demonstrate that women are not the weaker sex, as in reality the are an important and vital part of society.

    In this production every detail was carefully thought of, which is way we selecting women with real skills in Kick Boxing and yoga, resulting in this high quality commercial.

    Kick Boxing