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Salas Doria


  • Director : Horacio Gómez
  • Client : Doria
  • Field Producer : Jorge Babativa
  • Executive Producer : Florencia Abbondanza
  • Director of Photography : Iván Amaya
  • Music : Milton Gutierrez
  • Sound : Milton Gutierrez
  • Agency : Value


This commercial, by director Horacio Gómez, a reowned director from Uruguay, is a fun display of energy and flavor to launch the new Doria Sauces, through the story of its ingredients and easy everyday use.


  • Horacio Gomez Uruguayan director at Metro Studio.

    During a 2 day shoot,  we had director Horacio Gómez from LA GRANJA in Colombia, to direct the launch campaign for Salsas Doria.

    With his joy, he achieved a commercial full of flavor and delight, a great introduction for the new product: Salsas Doria, a spot filled with that cinematic richness hat he brings to all his work.

    Director Horacio Gomez Uruguay

    Horacio has a great career in short films, documentaries and clips, being awarded nationally and internationally in the artistic and advertising fields, in his native country Uruguay, for his style emphasizes a narrative sensitivity,  the authenticity of the audiovisual language, the aesthetics, art and photography.

    We are proud Horacio´s collaboration with our Metro Studio Films team as Director, giving that international touch to our productions.

    Salsas Dor