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El Invento (short film)

Mónica has made it clear, she wants to be just friends...  Feeling sad, Danny starts working with his friend Andrés in their workshop on a new invention. A big challenge for 12 year olds boys: to solve the  magic of photography and the mysteries of love. On a golden afternoon in 1976 they  discover the power of friendship and love. It all starts with a magnifying glass, a small flashlight and a broken heart...

THE STORY : EL INVENTO  is a story inspired by events in the life of Giovanni Granada, writer and director of this short film, and his friend Nicholas Bright.  The two friends, young inventors in 1976, who not only constructed the invention depicted in the film, but also spent long days and sleepless nights devising ways to approach their platonic loves. That was the year they discovered photography and their lives changed forever. 

Logo Festival Accolade Film Competition
Accolade Competition

USA, 2012

Action On Film International Film Festival

USA, 2012

Big Island Film Festival

USA, 2013

Milano International Film Festival Awards (MIFF Awards)

Italy, 2013

Philadelphia FirstGlance Film Festival

USA, 2012

Green Bay Film Festival

USA, 2013

Audience Choice Award


Giovanni Granada

Director, Cinematographer, Writer

This film seeks to emphasize the value of friendship, of ingenuity, the thrill of achievement, the  search for self completion. I want to vindicate the young geniuses who must hide their talent in order to fit into society. Contemporary cinema tends to focus on raw aspects of our reality, the loss of innocence and the destruction of relationships, of societies, of life itself. I want to focus on innocence, on what is constructive, on friendship,on hope. EL INVENTO is a film that resonates with that child within us. A film that will remind the viewer of that special afternoon many years ago as a child,  when he had a great idea and ran with excitement to tell it to someone. That afternoon  when that girl from around the block stopped, looked at him and smiled, and left forever in his memory and his heart that emotion which is rarely experienced again in adult life.


Pablo Valencia


Pablo was born on the 6th of September in 2000 in the city of Bogota. Since he was a child he was attracted to cameras and the film scenario. At the age of 6, Pablo was chosen by Centro Chia shopping center, to be part of their corporative image. In 2006 he worked as a photo model for the Nacional de Chocolates web page. In 2008 Pablo was one of the models of the Sea Turtle Conservation Program and in 2011 he was part of the video clip "Winds" and of the short film El Invento directed by Giovanni Granada.


Diego Concha


Diego was born on the second of October in 1999 in Bogotá. Currently, he studies at the Helvetia School in Bogotá and has participated since 2004 as a model in several tv commercials, including Tropical Ya, Vitaminas C MK, Off Corss and Postobón among others. Additionally, he has been the voice of many commercials and has worked as a photo model. In 2011 he was chosen to be part of the cast of the short film El Invento, directed by Giovanni Granada.


Gabriela Ancona


Gabriela dedicates her free time to acting, she has been doing it since young age and means to do it professionally. She has participated in several national soap operas and commercials. On 2011 she was part of the casting of "The Invention" a short film directed by Giovanni Granada.


Gonzalo Janer

'Hardware Store Clerk'

A well established financial planner, Gonzalo selflessly and generously helped this project. He could not have known while managing the design and construction of Bogota´s William Shakespeare Cultural Center that this would be his entrance into the movie world.


Gabriela Maldonado


Love towards art was what carried Mrs Gabriela to participate on the short film The Invention as Danny's grandmother. Nowadays she dedicates most of her life to painting on her own workshop. Her charisma and patience made it very easy to work with her around the children during her scenes on the film.


Verónica Jaramillo


his graduate in Business from Eafit with ample experience in Project Management, is our wild card for the development of new business strategies that will define our future.


Juan Pablo Bedoya


A graduate in communications and production from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá.  In 2009 he was the production coordinator for the filming of El Páramo. He is currently promoting the short film El Invento.