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Young, talent and creative

December 07, 2016

Women´s participation in audiovisual media grows every day, and Metro Studio Films is no exception to this development.

Our production team counts among its members two very talented young ladies in creative fields, Lorena Márquez as Art director and Laura Solaque as editor.

Lorena, a 23 year old, architect from Universidad de los Andes began her journey in art direction this year, pursuing her growing passion for space creation for the camera. She´s the person in charge of investigating and designing every visual element concerning scenography and atmosphere for our productions according to each project´s needs. She has a key role during the pre-production and filming stages. 

Lorena Foto Novedad


On the other hand, Laura is a 30 years old profesional in Media from Universidad Politecnico Grancolombiano, with a six-year experience in the field. Her work is to transform the footage, through editing, color correction and narrative composition into the required final piece. Highlights from her work include commercial, videos and documentaries. Nowadays she is specializing in animation, pursuing her dream to dedicate herself to transmedia storytelling.

Laura Novedada


Lorena and Laura have found in Metro Studio Films, the opportunity to tap into their creative potential, through exploration of new skills and abilities, bringing new ideas full of innovation to every project. We thank our young creatives for their contribution to our team,  and surprising us with their capacity to create original and thoughtful ideas. 


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