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Metro Studio Films team sailing

December 21, 2016

Metro Studio Films organized a sailing regatta to celebrate the ending of 2016 with all our team, at El Portillo Yacht Club. A day trip full of activities to practice and promote team work, integration, companionship, and healthy sportsmanship.


Equipo navegación a vela


El Portillo Yacht Club is located between the towns of Guatavita and Sesquilé, 60 km from Bogotá. Once we arrived at the club, we had a brief introduction to sailing and we were divided into teams of 4 per sailing boat, so we could begin with the first activity, which consisted in getting to know the parts of the boat and its functions during sailing. 


Barco de vela


Every team and their captain had to reach the finish line with the rest of the sailing boats in tow, making it a group effort as we were all part of the same team, the same way we are in our projects together, so during the race, no matter the boat we were on, sailing through the lake, every person´s efforts were focused on reaching the same goal together, making union, leadership, and respect, the most important tools to complete the task at hand.

This was a thrilling day, full of lessons in sailing and in life, making it an unforgettable memory.