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Reel Metro Studio Films 2017

February 22, 2017

In METRO STUDIO during our 24 years of work and leadership as an audiovisual producer, we have been protagonists of the rapid evolution of the video within the marketing, the video jumped from the TV screen to computers and now to the cell phones and new devices that enhance its impressive communication ability We are part of this amazing evolution, and in it we have learned and developed values ​​that we share with our clients.

We believe that production values ​​have a positive impact on the quality perception of brands. We understand that excellence increases the perceived value of brands, for that we work with high quality standards in each step of a fluid and efficient process.

Everything that is seen, heard and felt is carefully designed to add value to the brand. Our essence is the creative production carried to each project, to each scene, in the support of our clients through the script, at the service of their ideas. A

t Metro Studio we work for the real world, production is a key piece of teamwork, always innovating, every day. We believe in working closely with our clients, which allows for simple processes and greater effectiveness, together with strict compliance with the schedules and the impeccable optimization and management of the budget in each project.

Working with our customers is to make them participants in each stage of the process, our production is to support their creativity. We know our customers. They also understand that these principles are what lead to quality and for us it is a pleasure to become a strategic supplier.