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December 04, 2017 Interview: Marcela Moncada from Metro Studio Films of Colombia: We want to cover 90% of the advertising share on TV


(Jaime Quintero). Metro Studio Films is a Colombian production company created in 1993, focused on the creation of commercials, digital capsules, institutional videos and brand documentaries.

"Currently 60% of the pattern that is seen on television is made by us. By 2018 we hope to add 10 agencies that allow us to cover 90% of the market. We have remained for 24 years for our quality of service, advising and creating perfect harmony between content and brands, "says Marcela Moncada, commercial director of Metro Studio Films.

Florencia Abbondanza, executive producer of the company, comments: "We ensure intimate experiences, superior quality and immediate reaction in everything the client requires".

One of the main differences of Metro Studio Films is the achievement of international talent for each project, thus guaranteeing unique pieces. The same happens with the locations, having as a main weapon an in-house studio in which they can recreate in 3D any scenario that the client requires, in case of not being able to access it, either by budget or distance.

Annually they are carrying out 25 projects, 12 of them of great importance and for 2018 they hope to increase their production.