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Metro Studio - Social Work

July 24, 2018

Our Director Giovanni Granada has a great affinity with the National Army, in the year of 1982 he entered to render the military service, a year later he joined the Battalion Presidential Guard-Bogota.

Its passage by the National Army allowed him to evolve like military photographer and laboratorista, under orders of a TC. Australian, photographing:

- Ground demining procedures
- Documentation of destruction of explosive devices
- Photographer of joint training maneuvers of the battalions: USA, Fiji, Colombia, Australia.
- Photographer of accidents in the area
- Diplomatic events
- Documentation of Engineering and Services works.
From this great proximity, towards the year 2014, Giovanni Granada and his wife Doris Martínez were linked to the program of "Naval Social Action" foundation created in the National Army through the support of Metro Studio.

In the foundation, children and adolescents are supported through student scholarships, since the beginning of this plan, in the 4 years since the foundation, other support plans have been created, such as Housing Improvement, Volunteering in the Military Hospital and Welfare for the cadets and officers of the National Navy.

The support of the wounded in combat begins since the person is in the hospital, this group of wives and volunteers of the foundation make visits to the wounded carrying food, cleaning supplies and devising the way to take their relatives to the hospital to visit them ; In many occasions the wounded in combat are people of low of resources that are in distant zones of their families, it is there where the foundation initiates its work giving this spiritual and moral support.

In the case of children in which their father has died, it is identified that it is not easy to overcome this loss and more when in many homes they are the head of the household. For this reason, the Padrino Plan was created, from which Giovanni and Doris began to support the foundation, and 24 children have benefited in the area of ​​the Caribbean coast, to date.

We are happy to share this work and be able to work from Metro Studio to make visible the Naval Social Action program, so that its benefits can reach more families every day.