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Meet our Post-Production Team

April 02, 2019

METRO STUDIO as an audiovisual production company with in-house post-production department for advertising commercials, Instagram digital capsules, Youtube, Facebook, corporate videos and branded documentaries produced with very high production values. We have post-production services of our Digital Effects team, which is made up of a highly specialized team in each area of ​​digital image manipulation. A multidisciplinary group dedicated to the projects produced by the company and we wanted to ask some questions to the heads of the department to learn more about this process:

Metro Studio Post-Producción

Who is Oscar Barrera?

I am a Social Communicator with an emphasis in Editorial and Multimedia production from Javeriana University and I have been dedicated to the design and supervision of visual effects and digital composition for more than 10 years. I am the visual composer of Metro Studio and my role in the company is to perform the monitoring and data collection in set to facilitate the execution of the entire postproduction process: during this stage I am in charge of integrating the images captured on camera, and the images generated by computer.

Who is William Hooker?

I am an Industrial Designer, a specialist in Furniture Design from the UBA, but I am currently working as a generalist and 3D animator. I am the director of the 3D area of ​​Metro Studio and my specialty is in the configuration, layout, lighting and photo-realistic rendering.

How does the post production department of Metro Studio come to be?

The Post-Production department was created in 2013 to streamline the completion and delivery processes of the most complex commercials carried out by the company; given the increase in demand, today we offer this service in all our productions.

How is the work flow in any given project?

From the pre-production process, director and executive producer are in constant communication with the digital effects supervisor to determine what should be filmed, in case the commercial requires a digital effect or resource. Relatively often, part of the set area that interacts with the characters is filmed and we digitally add the rest. We also work on the development of 3D demos and 3D product shots for commercials.

What is the benefit of having an in-house post-production department in the production company?

The benefit is in the possibility of integrating the design of digital effects from the production process, and that allows our director to stay on top of the entire process permanently, that´s the medical equivalent of having an office with an operating room 24 / 7 (laughs)

What has been the most challenging project so far?

The project with more challenges so far has been "Frozen" Noraver because we had to integrate an ice suit on a real character, recorded on set. The interaction between the character and 3d animation required rotomation and procedural modeling and this allowed us to integrate an element that does not exist and is designed 100% in 3D to be in permanent contact with an object in motion and filmed which is a challenge. This project was developed in about 1 month and a half of work. We thank our team working in the Post-Production area, they are a fundamental part of Metro Studio and day by day they deliver their 200% in each audiovisual piece.

Interview to Oscar Barrera and William hooker.

Written d by Lorena Márquez and Marcela Moncada