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Implementation of animatics and cinematics - Metro Studio

June 25, 2019

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Gina Chaparro of Metro Studio Films: We apply Cinematics for the creation of pieces

(Jaime Quintero). Metro Studio Films, the production company created in 1993, reinvents itself and bets on animatics and / or cinematics to create audiovisual pieces that serve as sketches for the creation of stories, such as animation and / or commercial feature films.

"This unit arises from the need to be able to evaluate ideas for commercials and see if they are finally effective and meet their objective of communicating what they want to sell," says Gina Chaparro, executive producer of Metro Studio Films.

This business unit was launched in 2018, managing 48 projects. So far in 2019 they have 25 and hope to surpass the previous year's figure. "We are very happy because we have managed to have greater assertiveness in movements, expressions, lip sync, aesthetics, details, environments and movement fluidity".

Another virtue with which this system has is to be able to have a much greater approach to what would be the final product, allowing to raise camera movements, locations, translating into greater experience and satisfaction for customers.