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Interview: Metro Studio focusing in innovation and digital content during the pandemic.

May 05, 2020

Our commercial manager Marcela Moncada, wa interviewed by PRODU.COM to discuss how Metro Studio is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what our hopes for the new future are.

INTERVIEW PRODU.COM (translated from the original in Spanish)

Metro Studio Films, from Colombia, reorganized its operation relocating all of the equipment to the houses of its colaborators, a way to keep functioning in this New Normal, making in it a priority to keep producing.

"We have to produce and innovate, focused in the digital considering the high demand at the moment. It could be more economic content, but in order to keep the economy from taking a blow, we are maintaining the same fares we had before the quarantine" Moncada says.

"With this temporary halt, while we were reorganizing our work flow, we managed to develop four new campaigns, using the resources at hand to deliver what our clients need, using stock footage and a lot of creativity" she adds.

Metro Studio Films is concentrating its efforts in producing quick and agile content, with messages of unity and stay at home advice. "Once this emergency passes we know that brands will change their messages and we are preparing to react and be ready for that moment and the newcoming trends"

Additionally, the company is collecting information to broaden the pool of collaborators and audiovisual professionals, with hopes of working together in the future,  in areas such as voiceover, camera crew, and assitant directors. "We want to support people in the industry that are waiting to get back to work"