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Congratulations on your day, Piedad!

April 26, 2019

Today we are celebrating!
We thank you in these 25 years for your company, it was May 02, 1994, when you joined our Metro Studio family; and since that day we have not let you escape.

Piedad supports us in the reception, handling of documents and information in general that arrives at the office. Much more than organizing papers or the agenda of the office, is a fundamental part of the axis of our audiovisual productions, which with small actions from your desk contribute and add value every day and all areas of the company.

Piedad has 2 daughters and already has her first grandchild, in 2018 she was certified in Safety and Health in the Work of the National Service of Learning SENA, she is our Secretary, and we want to thank her for her effort and affection with the one that supports us in Metro Studio for 25 years.

Happy day Piedad!

Piedad Rodríguez - Secretaria Metro Studio