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Crema No 4 Medicada

Different World

  • Director : Giovanni Granada
  • Client : Tecnoquímicas
  • Field Producer : Jorge Babativa
  • Executive Producer : Andrés Ruiz
  • Director of Photography : Giovanni Granada
  • Art Director : Lorena Márquez
  • Sound : Milton Gutiérrez
  • Agency : Sancho BBDO
  • Editor : Carlos Aparicio
  • Effects : Metro Studio (Oscar Barrera y Wiliam Hooker)


In our most recent commercial for Crema N4 Medicada, directed by Giovanni Granada, we remember that every baby is a different world, and for each one you can trust Crema N4 Medicada, in his office, ou peditrician clears every doubt and points out all the great properties of this cream, for happy and healthy babies. We´re always excited to bring to life a brand´s new story.