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  • Director : Giovanni Granada
  • Client : Teqnoquimicas
  • Field Producer : Jorge Babativa
  • Executive Producer : João Cruz
  • Director of Photography : Giovanni Granada
  • Music : Pablo Correa
  • Sound : Milton Gutiérrez
  • Agency : Sancho BBDO
  • Effects : Metro Studio Films - Oscar Barrera, William Hooker


Metro Studio as an audiovisual production company presents its latest project for the Yodora brand and directed by Giovanni Granada, which transports us to the life of the Yodora man and woman.

In this commercial we accompany men and women in different daily activities, in the city, the park, the gym, even at a party, and we discover how Yodora adapts to the different demands that men and women require on a daily basis.

This shoot was developed in a variety of urban and natural locations that allowed reinforcing with the variety of scenarios and the attributes of the Yodora brand.